Learn From the Cons is a website that is centered around making the most out of our mistakes. We believe that you can learn more from your mistakes than you can your successes. Using what has been learned from those mistakes we provide personal development information.

When you think about the word con, think about a couple of things. First, think about convicts. Cons are mistakes or a series of mistakes personified. Cons or convicts have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and the ability to teach you what they learned while making those mistakes. You can learn lessons about what not to do or how not to be from a con. For example we have written a book or two about lessons learned during a life of crime and a 39 year prison sentence (click here for more info or here for printed version info).

Second, think about the word con when it is used alongside the word pro. For example, you might hear someone say: “what are the pros and cons if I were to make that decision?” The cons are the downsides and dangers found in every situation and decision. The odd thing is, we can learn from those downsides and dangers. We can learn just as much, or even more, from the cons than we can the pros.

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